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The New Cambridge High School, Vijayanagar
The New Cambridge English School, RPC layout


The New Cambridge English School [I.C.S.E], R.P.C. Layout, Bangalore
The School is located at the heart of Vijayanagar area, RPC Layout in Bangalore city. It is renowned for its academic and non-academic activities.
History Of The Institution

The ICSE wing has taken this tremendous form in the year 2002 under the magic and mighty hands of this prodigy - The Founder, Managing Trustee Smt G. Louisa Manohari in whom dynamism and compassion has taken an exuberant place. She always has a ready ear and a willing heart. A perfect example of greatness in simplicity and humility.

This institution is a part of the reputed New Cambridge group of schools which stands  tall in all its glory and majesty. Being a co-educational institution, it follows the guidelines set by the Council School Certificate Examination. The prime idea is to stimulate the development of multiple intelligence inherent in each child / student and bring forth their concealed talents.

The school made a humble beginning with a strength of merely 170 students and over a span of five years the strength has crossed thousand with an envisioned future.

The teaching faculty is anchored in pedagogy and they blend imagination, creativity and inspiration into the teaching-learning process to ignite a passion for learning in students.

The curriculum of the school has been designed to be broad and balanced where pupil are prepared to meet challenges by equipping them with intellectual enthusiasm, motivational back up, healthy competitive spirit
and so on. With a right combination of self reliance and guidance students develop an enterprising attitude to everything they do.

Teacher student ratio is quite appreciating where students are constantly monitored and guided by well-experienced and committed teachers who invite students to live values and their self discovery nourished richly.

The School functions with classes from Montessori to Standard X where quality education is made affordable and students expectations are met with comfortable and "The Best' infrastructure.

The toddlers are welcomed into the Montessori with an eligibility criteria for admission being 2 years and 6 months as on 1st June and 3 years 6 months for L.K.G. Admissions are offered purely on merit when a child successfully completes the entrance test.

As society changes new skills and ideas are required for a dynamic approach.

Aims of the Institution
  • To strive for excellence and achieve the best
  • To offer balanced, coherent and relevant curriculum with high standard learning
  • To foster positive thinking and nurture creativity
  • To enable students to conceive, aim and reach the target
  • To develop moral values and render social service
  • To carry out stimulating relationships with all members of the society and world wide
  • To understand true love and enrich the habit of caring and sharing
  • To be more inclined to we-feeling
  • To battle indiscipline and irregularity
  • To nurture voluntary participation in all the activities of the school
  • To prepare them to be loyal citizen
  • To exult in their efforts and achievements
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