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The New Cambridge High School, Vijayanagar
The New Cambridge English School, RPC layout


   The New Cambridge English School [I.C.S.E], R.P.C. Layout, Bangalore



Managing Trustee

Madam Louisa Manohari





Headmistress of the High School Sections.

Mrs. Pauline Prabhakar


Headmistress of the Primary Sections.

Mrs. Sheela Arun.

To my fellow Cambridgians,
Treasure the love your receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.

The New Cambridge English School (ICSE) is built on values and ethos challenging every individual in the city and the vicinity.

The mission gives a clarion call for all the parents to dedicate and devote a certain amount of time towards their wards/children, whose guidance blend with love can make their inner zeal and potentials to serve the society they are in and serve the humanity at large.

I believe in molding fascinated leaders with deep abiding values who will make a difference to the society.

Under this roof The New Cambridge English School (ICSE), students are nourished to sense passage of time, its significance and are made aware of the fact that time spent in futility cannot be restored.

The students who are so precious and creative are prepared to face trials with a smile and are encouraged to succeed at every step they take.

Under the stewardship of the dedicated and committed teachers / staff, the students draw a lot of inspirations to leave indelible, imprints in the hearts and minds of all.

The school aims at bringing out the best in your wards by showing living appreciation in all their endeavors as the institution provides infinite possibilities, dauntless courage and tireless effort instilling and enriching sweet memories which are savored by them at every inch at every second under this "Great" name called "THE NEW CAMBRIDGE - ICSE WING"

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