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The New Cambridge High School, Vijayanagar
The New Cambridge English School, RPC layout


The New Cambridge English School [I.C.S.E], R.P.C. Layout, Bangalore
The School has facilities for all academic and non-academic activities which provides a platform for the students to launch their ideas that seem unimaginable.

Classrooms :
Spacious, well ventilated with comfortable and posh furniture. Each room has a giant size black board, display board, flannel board, fans and lights.

Science Laboratory
Science integrates all spheres of life which involves practical learning, supplements, theoretical knowledge so that scientific study becomes wholesome and perfect.

To impart perfect knowledge in science and for practical work there is a well equipped lab for the branches of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The lab is furnished with big tables for the teachers to conduct experiments where the students can observe the same with no hurdles. Each student grabs the opportunity of conducting experiments at their respective tables.

Physics Section
Special apparatus are found here relating to the syllabus. It is rich with a number of still and working models.
Chemistry Section
Well furnished with apparatus and chemicals. The challenges of the student are met for a quantitative and qualitative analysis in chemistry.
Biology Section:
Here you find more than two hundred preserved specimen of plants and animal kingdom. Dissecting instruments, compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes, permanent slides of micro-organisms, models representing various organ system of human body and charts.

In all the sections the instruments, apparatus, chemicals and the other lab collections are stored in splendidly designed cupboards.
The able guidance of the faculty boosts the students to work with their mind and hands and witnesses the triumphant results.

Computer Lab:
It facilitates the students to have an in-depth and intense access to computers by working independently on the systems. The creativity takes a new and fresh shape and their innovations are brought to light meeting the challenges of the hour with advanced syllabus and the genuine guidance and support from the faculty.

The school library has a spacious reading room and well stocked voluminous collection of more than five thousand books of pride and exhilaration (viz), graphics, acoustics, and holistic materials which includes reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, bibliographies, hand books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, film strips, microfilms, phonographs, records et al, catering to the interest of the aspiring to scale greater heights.

The books are accessible to the members of the staff and the students.

Activity room/ club
A place of inspiration and enthusiasm when activated concertedly provides infinite possibilities for the creative mind bearing the right fruit at the appropriate situation/time. Children are encouraged to participate in group activities to make them socially aware and involved.

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